January 31

How many days has my mum been alive?

On Thursday I worked out how many days my mum has been alive. She had been alive for 13696 days. The first thing I did was times 37 by 365 and that equaled 13505 then added that together and it equaled 13505. After that I added how many months there were from July to January and that equaled 13688. Then I added 8 and that equaled 13696 and that was the answer.


WRITTEN BY: Livia and had Help from Lucy!

January 24

Viking Longboat

Together we made a viking longboat at forest school . We also made a drum out of a barrel.We used long sticks for the perimeter.

We also made benches out of things to stack logs ,can you see the mast? We put tree stumps for seats.

by Martha,Edgar.